Thts me for the moment unplugged ..

hey all

this is supposed to be my intro its important infact very important...
nways i m Vivek handelwal
a man tht loves to live life in the topmost gear ..for the moment m driving in 5 th gear..wating for the next one ...
a man with varies passions... varied tastes ....
i moved to bombay almost two years back to discover the craziest part of my life ...
Living in IIT bombay ,life has been so far so good to me ...but the best part has indeed been the CITY ..
LIVE LIFE KING SIZE ...this is wht the city taught me on day one ..wen i started off with counting the no of floors of The Taj..
sounds odd..i promised myself something big there (wait for it )

nways talking bout vivek khandelwal,as a person i simply love travelling ,add to that googling , networking ,watching TV series (the latest one ),add to that hating acadmic section of IIT ,
not to mention the newly budding love for law..

As a student i m expected to study Chemistry ,get a integrated degree from this place ,go to somewhere in US for app complete my PHd in germany and come back to IIT for removing all those courses i hated..
as a student i got no such plans ....i do like chemistry ,but have been involved in marketing in someform or other from past two years..and of late i have developed a new interest for RNAi

oka.ths means RNA interference ..something tht claims to cure AIDS ...(i m serious but i m not having nyof those diseases,thts all i cud get from a animated video)

and the best part of it,the dominating character of Bsoton Legal absolutely amazing tv series on people in LAW firm which has motivated me to do a post grad. in LAW..
i also to plan to launch a startup within the next few months ..another .com...hope it would be different .....
i plan to be a social worker ..wating for somebody to kick my startoff...and
of latest i have started attending barcamps and m enjoying them
and last but not the least ..i m big time lover of dabeli and gelato's ferraro, and i love walking along Lakesidewen i m sad..
Well thts all Vivek Khandelwal is all about ..

Hope u enjoy reading the blog ...
i will catch up with u from comments section(u dont have ny option other thn posting comment ) do temme wht u felt like ..

Vivek aKa LARA