POST GOOGLE CRASH..Disaster Management

Now then
the last one saw over 30 hits..and over 1 comments ..okaay .. 2 comments in all

So Lets c ..

"The thoughts expressed below would be arbit in Nature as the very idea of Google Crashing puts me into a LOW POWER STATE-discharging my grey matter"

Analysing the disasters that can cause ..
lets try to work on the Disaster Management Policies ..


Lets try to analyze the possible solution the world would come up with to handle the

The Alternative GET TO ACTION

  • if u r in yahoo..for a change u would start getting busy..
  • if u r google ...soory u were in google ..the world is waiting for u ..TO KILL U
  • if u were in google ..Yahoo,Amazon,Lacos,AOL all are waiting for u ..arms wide open..
  • U would definitely get a better or atleast equivalent Pocket Money...(onlyif they can afford)

Lets see wht students like u and me would do ..
  • I will shift to wordpress..and so would u ..
  • We can have a two minute SILENCE over the Grave Crisis.
  • We can organize a Torch March to Google Headquarters ..Certis would be provided..Resume Point.. :)
  • We can also boost yahoo traffic..and keep them busy ..
  • or We can encourage google guys to repair..
  • We can ...hmmm use Messenger for Chatting (bad still no alternatives)
  • We can watch the google crash down movie..the XXXX actor gets some fame
The Generall Recovery Consequences and Method...

  • Wordpress is HIT Forever purchases everyother blog service..becomes Google in the blogosphere..
  • The Google Crash Down movie can have a sequel to it ..with the HERO launching New GOOGLE ..while his girlfriend waits for him (in .....**..**)
  • The Concept of LIBRARY gets back to life...
  • Development of state of art Libraries
  • Poor u and me ..we cant date nymore in Libraries..we will misss google
  • Car Pools for Libraries...
  • New startups directed towards ..Libraries/Canteens near Libraries..
  • Stumblers get some coverage..
  • Facebook gets the Indian Junta..(no body finds the Wall)
  • Tutorial on facebook homepage..HOW TO USE FACEBOOK
  • Business schools get the best case study of the Millenium
  • HRD Ministry -Disaster Management Course introduced in IIT's curriculam for Freshies
  • Student Unions-Introduce Disaster Accounts and Disaster design courses for Arts and Commerce..coz they too would lose "THE" ORKUT..
  • MBA schools would need more profs from the same field
  • Barter system mite ..or lets play safe will have a come back
  • Forgery would be on a u cant forge gold coins..
  • Inflation would stop existing
  • Terms like finance would be banned for a while..
  • Economists would fite for nother Noble Prize in the Field on GOOGLE Analysis
  • Papers on everything and nything would be allowed
  • Even we can rite a journal or two
  • They can step outside their Labs and see the WORLD AROUND
  • Research would be never so easy as now...coz u wont have to search ...

Before i finish ..
wat if ..

YAHOO also crashes ..but due to TRAFFIC..

That's all my grey cells could manage to think off ..
nways add ur commnets
and leeme know i we have ny other Disater Management Plans ...

Till then lets keep ours fingers crossedd..