Relative Terms

Relativity is a term that often goes beyond Einstein.Not the fact that Einstein's concept of relativity was false, but then the people we relate to are often not so compatible with the older version.
The concept of relativity and absoluteness has often resulted in laying down the foundation of the best of controversies ,errors,confusions not to mention the frustration.

Good Will Hunting , is one of the best examples that covers all the emotions when it comes to comparison and setting standards, because for more then once what seemed trivial to Mr Will ,was rocket science for his Professor Gerald Lambeau.
And when Will Hunting sets a paper on fire ,which had the solution to a equation that his Prof was struggling with, for ages and believed that it could fetch him the NEXT NOBLE, a flood of emotions are expressed in the scene when Will tells him that

"You know what is this..this is fucking easy for me "
And this is where relativity comes in.
While the Prof felt inferior, frustrated,helpless Mr Will simply moved on for his standards were beyond the scope of his professor.

Infact the concept of absoluteness itself is relative as there are no permanent standards.

So the next time you start comparing things, start getting judgmental, have prejudices, do consider the fact that You Cannot Compare APPLES and ORANGES.



December 10, 2008 at 12:55 PM

Found your blog through twitter.
U know what--Goodwill hunting happens to be one my all time fav movies.
I so agree with you!!
Preeti Shenoy

  Vivek Khandelwal

December 14, 2008 at 10:40 AM

yeah preeti ..
Good will hunting is something that can give ego boosters...
Loved the movie..