Now then ....
BlOgCAMP @ BCM3- a bigtime hit...

This was the second barcamp i attended cum organized,and believe u me..i had a hell of a time...
and with the blogcamp featuring some of the studd max bloggers,it was time to get inspired,and launch something more SOOD or lets say something Monopolic and get on the Blogosphere radar..
the entire camp was a bigtime success.
With PRO's like "jimkarter" ,there was no point of missing ny of the sessions

And wen they started talking bout the monetary gains,the SOM seminar hall jus cudnt enough of it ....
no point in riting bout wht u missed and wht i enjoyed ..
better then this lets share wht we learnt -click here

And if u find the gyan worth the hype ..
get back to this blog and say thanks to me ..:))

check for more on blog marketing

Marketing .. Layman Version 1.

Marketing .

I don't want to sound like a marketing guru,but believe you me ,I plan to be one ,some day ,one day.

Follow this track,as this one would have yours truly turning into a Marketing Guru.

For Manybodies close to my heart...

this one is in continuation with the post tht is yet to be posted ..

One of the passions that i have developed since falling into many of those

But this one at this point of time ..comes straight from the bottom of my heart...
i don't intend to neglect nybody ...n please dont feel ignored if u cant relate to the next few lines..
perhaps i can relate u ..u r just unable to recall it ..BAD MEMORY..:))

To all those who have had a share in my life and to all those who have disected it into n no of pieces and taken away their share..
and to all those to whom i owe my existence...
not to mention they are not established within a radius of 190 kms ..
they live far away..but courtssey..Hutch is Now Vodafone..i continue to survive ....

Its for u my Sweethearts ..

the poet part of me ,would never get famous..
in fact, the poet part of me ,never wants to be famous..
its just for u i pen down these lines..
its just for u ..i live this life..
its just for u ,i have come so far ...
its just for u ,i still have go farer...

for all those long talks that kept bringing me back ,
for all those long call that kept asking me for more
for all those words that still drive me crazy..
i owe u my life ..

Thanks for being the listener i always wanted ,
thanks for being the friend i always craved
thanks for being the perfect one ..
thanks for making me the perfext one ..
thanks for telling me what i always wanted..
Thanx for being there for the not so demanded...

Words are falling short for u
or lets be honest i cant think of few more new..
but don't u think i dont need u ..
dont u think i dont love u ..

i m there for u ..
always remember i will be always there for u.
come wat may..
we shall stand together..

Forever ..u and me ..
together ..just u and me ..
nothing else i shall ask for..
just u and me..

i love u ..
simply urs ..


I want to ..

Dreams and ambitions are often driven by instinct or are simply a product of sheer inspiration ..

Of the few that i have "lived with" have been the driving force for the journey so far...Not tht i have travelled a great lot of deal ..just that i have enjoyed my 20 something journey untill now and have plans in store..

  • I always wanted to be an ASTRONAUT....Childhood fantasy
  • A weekend ,or lets say every weekend in Mauritius..they say its really good...
  • A extended trip to australia and New Zealand..they say its great too..
  • A walk along the great wall of china ..with ????.
  • and wait for the updates ......

Barcamp Mumbai..back and this time it has me ..

BarcampMumbai 3
the third edition of the unconference is back and the best part ,it has ME THIS TIME..:))

the first one that i ever attended was the one that took place in Techfest 08...
okaa..those who don't know what Techfest is..get a
TECHFEST is IIT Bombay's science and technological festival.............blah blah..blah..
Barcamp is the best event that u can take part as a Organizer coz the entire event is nothing but
exchanging ideas ..
brainstorming ..
something that people try to do on orkut or facebook or other social media sites...

now for the first timers .
what exaclty is that i have been praising so long for ..?
what is a barcamp?
an unconference ,with no ties no ,no announcements , a place where people come brainstorm ,debate discuss over nything ...practically nything and everything .

Perhaps the best place on the earth to meet intellectual people ....
okay apart from geeks u can easily find loads of variety here at barcamps ...
the one that i found were from startups guys ....
people looking for freelancers .....

so all those who are yet to come across live social networking and are looking for more challenging stuff...get in there ..before the registrations close...

follow barcamp all over the world here...

Mumbai locals ..anybody listening...

i saw this today when i was forcibly sent out to Masjid ,in search of not so rare things...
but this is not y u r reading this post....
The reason i m wrote it down immedaitely after coming down to my room was the fact that today i personally saw naked live circuit in a running local...
LOCAL TIME :3.40 pm
kanjurmarg station

On a not so happening station wen we boarded a not so crowded train,i felt good coz for a change we had a seat to rest out paining bum..
But wht came next was this amazing site of people sharing seats with a LIVE CIRCUIT in the same coach..
i got no idea bout the local security rules,or the measure that have to be taken to make it "more secure "
WHAT I was wondering was bout the evening rush hours,wen the density in every coach breaks newly created records everyday ,how can somebody manage to stand without touching the naked thing...
can somebody help in telling somebody more resposible ....



We get email forwards each day and most die in the mail box. This one didn't.

By the time u guys read this news, the body of Major Manish Pitambare, who was shot dead at Anantnag, would have been cremated with full military honors.
On Nov 27, this news swept across all the news channels 'Sanjay Dutt relieved by court'. 'Sirf Munna not a bhai' '13 saal ka vanvaas khatam' 'although found guilty for possession of armory, Sanjay can breath sigh of relief as all the TADA charges against him are withdrawn' Then many personalities like Salman Khan said 'He is a good person. We knew he will come out clean'. Mr Big B said "Dutt's family and our family have relations for years he's a good kid. He is like elder brother to Abhishek". His sister Priya Dutt said "we can sleep well tonight. It 's a great relief"
In other news, Parliament was mad at Indian team for performing bad; Greg Chappell said something; Shah Rukh Khan replaces Amitabh in KBC and other such stuff. But most of the emphasis was given on Sanjay Dutt's "phoenix like" comeback from the ashes of terrorist charges. Surfing through the channels, one news on BBC startled me. It read "Hisbul Mujahidin's most wanted terrorist 'Sohel Faisal' killed in Anantnag, India . Indian Major leading the operation lost his life in the process. Four others are injured.
It was past midnight , I started visiting the stupid Indian channels, but Sanjay Dutt was still ruling. They were telling how Sanjay pleaded to the court saying 'I'm the sole bread earner for my family', 'I have a daughter who is studying in US' and so on. Then they showed how Sanjay was not wearing his lucky blue shirt while he was hearing the verdict and also how he went to every temple and prayed for the last few months. A suspect in Mumbai bomb blasts, convicted under armory act...was being transformed into a hero.
Sure Sanjay Dutt has a daughter; Sure he did not do any terrorist activity. Possessing an AK47 is considered too elementary in terrorist community and also one who possesses an AK47 has a right to possess a pistol so that again is not such a big crime; Sure Sanjay Dutt went to all the temples; Sure he did a lot of Gandhigiri but then...........
Major Manish H Pitambare got the information from his sources about the terrorists' whereabouts. Wasting no time he attacked the camp, killed Hisbul Mujahidin's supremo and in the process lost his life to the bullets fired from an AK47. He is survived by a wife and daughter (just like Sanjay Dutt) who's only 18 months old.
Major Manish never said 'I have a daughter' before he took the decision to attack the terrorists in the darkest of nights. He never thought about having a family and he being the bread earner. No news channel covered this since they were too busy hyping a former drug addict, a suspect who's linked to bomb blasts which killed hundreds. Their aim was to show how he defied the TADA charges and they were so successful that his conviction in possession of armory had no meaning. They also concluded that his parents in heaven must be happy and proud of him.
Parents of Major Manish are still living and they have to live rest of their lives without their beloved son. His daughter won't ever see her daddy again. Finally Major Manish, to my generation is a greater hero, someone who laid his life in the name of this great nation.
So guys, please forward this message around so that the media knows which news to give importance, as it is a shame for us since this Army Major's
death news was given by a foreign TV channel!!!




but i strongly believe this deserved a better place then this ..
perhaps..the HEADLINES..

but, bad luck it never made to the headlines...
they mentioned it on the second page i suppose..
THIS WAS A NATIONAL CHALLENGE and i m wondering y did they not have a sms survey over this ||BREAKING NEWS||
Perhaps the press should take this thing more seriously then ever before....
we need to need more bout now many times every celebrity has sneezed
we need to know bout what happened in Sanjay Dutt's marriage
and how can we ignore Salman khan's jail "costume"..
its a pity that we did have not have a fashion store dedicated to his jail wardrobe...


Or we can dedicate an entire TV CHANNEL and Radio channel dedicated to these B REAKING NEWS SECTION

We can also try the internet ..websites chasing celebrity till their make up vans ..
presenting live commentary of their actions ..kisses..and fites...

Whatever mite be the future..
TV 18 with AAJ TAK did steal the show,by presenting us amazing breaking news,
and that was the reason they were given the BEST NEWS CHANNEL during CNBC award function...and many more...

i strongly believe we need more of such BREAKING NEWS and the race is on..
lets c who beats aaj tak this year..

keep the BREAKING work going on ..
coz this would certainly by all virtues contribute to the nation and obviously help in full filling the
PRESS AND PRINT MEDIA's basic motive||creating awareness||(it was never mentioned bout wht awareness had to be created but still they did their best..didnt they :)