Now then ....
BlOgCAMP @ BCM3- a bigtime hit...

This was the second barcamp i attended cum organized,and believe u me..i had a hell of a time...
and with the blogcamp featuring some of the studd max bloggers,it was time to get inspired,and launch something more SOOD or lets say something Monopolic and get on the Blogosphere radar..
the entire camp was a bigtime success.
With PRO's like "jimkarter" ,there was no point of missing ny of the sessions

And wen they started talking bout the monetary gains,the SOM seminar hall jus cudnt enough of it ....
no point in riting bout wht u missed and wht i enjoyed ..
better then this lets share wht we learnt -click here

And if u find the gyan worth the hype ..
get back to this blog and say thanks to me ..:))

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