Google Crashes...

i know that the entire thought of riting this post is destructive ..
perhaps all the word on this link
would be enough to explain my state of mind,
however i rite this post with a different motive (and that too on a google product) i hope google doesnt mind facing the not so tasty truth ...
that somehow i strongly feel the entire world is

"a bit too much overdependent on the word google"

i mean out of thousands of thousands i know of people off,for those thousands, day starts and ends on google products ....
They practically live on GOooOOoogle
Do we really need to be so very dependent on it ..
Even i m one of those who start and end at google...
But what if someday..oneday crashes..
and we see

Google is sorry!!!

Starting off ..
Imagine..okaa.i know even thinking bout this can Lead to Fatal situation but still lets try ..

I fully understand ur feeling towards google but ..its just that i cant stop this thought coming to my mind every now and then

Google goes down for lets say 30 minutes....GMT ****hrs ..

"The thoughts expressed below would be arbit in Nature as the very idea of Google Crashing puts me into a LOW POWER STATE "

Lets analyse the not so good things that would come into existence..
  • u wont be able to read this blog ..
  • i wont be able to read ur blog (if u have one and i read it)
  • people wont be able to stumble
  • people would lose money that Google adsense would have fetched them...
now lets analyse the effects on students ..not the one like u and me ....
  • So called researchers can rest for five minutes
  • The real one can panic for five minutes
  • they mite commit suicide ....dont think of suing google ..if u have ny plans for sure wont bother..
  • They mite leave the idea of researching
  • they they will get panic attacks 101 in India and 911 in US
  • IIT and IIM's can declare a public holiday...mite be extended..
lets us see how it would affect the lukha world ..including you
  • u would bother for five minutes
  • Yahoo finally got some traffic from India
  • So does
  • u can have a break from chat for a few minutes..
  • u can ....hmm think for a while or take a quick nap or do wht ever u feel like.
  • u can wait for google to restart,if u really a google guy..
  • if u r in google u would run for air..
  • if u r not in google,u would still run for fresh air
  • if google uses you ..u better call them
  • if google doesnt use ..still u better call them
  • Production houses may launch movies on the Google Breakdown
  • Actors like ****** mite find some work for a change..
  • These movies would have high probability of getting Super Duper Hit
  • Govts would be realxed for few minutes..coz for some "delta"no body can SPY on them
Now lets try analyse aftermath on the so called economy..
  • Stocks market mite crash
  • Stocks market will crash
  • Billion would be lost
  • Trillion may be lost
  • Oil can become cheaper
  • Oil can also become expensive
  • companies mite shut down
  • Concept of entrepreneurship would be banned for the next few...Years may be ..

can't think of nymore..
m looking for more comments on this one ..
i hope people come up with good an altenative depending site "XXXXXX"
also name ur wud be"google "

Beware junta...

Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst :(


  Lavin Mirchandani

April 2, 2008 at 8:34 PM

OMG im soo scared..
Im shifting my blog to wordpress


April 2, 2008 at 9:23 PM

somebody`s actually shifting to wordpress for this reason!!:D

amazing yaar!
the yahoo and the oil prices points are the best!!

....and sadly true too!


April 5, 2008 at 9:56 AM

well the thought never came to me that Google would crash down.............
corporate world would come to standstill.............
nice write up to invoke thoughts......


April 5, 2008 at 10:07 AM

oh man... how will u do my work if google crashes.... my assignmnts... helllo fins sum othr source..asap