Domain names ---dillema / frustation and what not.....

3 Most Difficult things to name ---

  1. Website -web 2.0
  2. A newly born Child
  3. Organic bicyclo compounds with n functional groups ..

When I started with my search for domain name for a website we had been planning to launch,I thought domain name would have been the last thing i would need to worry about ...
"a little knowledge they say is a Dangerous thing "

Driven by misconceptions and false pride,
its been just over two weeks since my eternal search for the domain name took off...
And it certainly seems to be eternal ..

I always believed naming of inorganic complex compound and organic bi-cyclo ring structures would be the most difficult thing to do...
However the 1000 rules of naming made it look much more simpler.

Nevertheless while yours truly continued to be technically challenged in the not so important area of naming compounds the first step in Chemistry.(CH 102)
Inspired by the famous words of Shakespeare--
"What's there in a name "
i really didn't care bout whether the compound is 2 -3 5 initro cresinol or 3-4 dinitro resorchinol....

But then this entire search thing entered a new domain wen this new dude joined our

family tree two years back ...
And with an extended family of over 30

members along with the Pandits to add
to that extra flavour /indian touchu never seem to have enough names .....

And with the Mausi's inspired by the latest Saas Bahu characters..everybody calls him with their favourtie name..
Amidst all this,the poor child who CARES A DAMN bout this entire shit..responds to everyone..making them Believe ..
"yeah ..he likes this name "

However situation is something i have learnt to live with .
Untill last week i tot nothing of a difficulty level like this would ever come across at least not in this lifeime ...
But then came the idea of launching this website..
And the rest is history ..

As of now has simply got used to rejecting ny word typed on its serch tab ..

"The domain that you requested, www.%$()@*&.com, has already been registered by the organization below"

believe u me this beats everything ..

Having typed over a million words ..from,thesaurus i even tried their French,Italian even Latin versions in that box..but all in vain..
The search engine just doesn't seem to get enough out of me..
As far as the history of these domain names goes...
The two letter and three letter even the four letter have gone..
and the one left with 5 letters are either spelling mistakes or they have been taken by the black marketing guys ..

Recently when i stumbled on this website that claims to "help u out" with UR WEB 2.0 name-----
The site suggests u possible suffixes and prefixes for the site and generates arbit name for the website ,like the ones having 3 o's ...
The best part comes when u try to check their availability and they offer u the name at triple the cost..Wonder even they are into black marketing ...
Add to that the moment when u try to open that website with the domain name u wud have died for and google gives u a ERROR
i.e -
These guys on the "4 th street"(check even provides with their phone no and address of **** ) take all possible domain names simply for the heck of it if they were the Oracle of this matrix and we came looking For the ONE..:( :P

Take home message--
All Dictionary words seem to have been taken.
All that we seem to have for the moment are names like ....
idon't (i can bet u wont get their .comtry .net/.info)

Nways if u find a domain name of four letter gime a buzz we shall have beer sometime together...
And last but not the least..the sole motive behind this post..

"i m looking for domain names for..gimme ny damn name..
i shall take it ...given the fact it is ..
  • Easy to spell..(for the user)
  • easy for google to google for it..
  • and easy for the courier guy to send me the google adsense check..
If i like ur name...maybe i can give u some shares wen we launch our IPO...

Some of the sites with spelling mistakes that continue to strive in the web...



December 17, 2008 at 7:30 AM

"Google" was not a dictionary word, nor is it 4 letters. It is actually a misspelling of the word "googol" (see Do not limit yourself to real words when looking for a name, and you will most likely end up with a more memorable brand!