ideacamp Pune- an Ideal weekend ???

Its been sometime since i been involved with this extremely active startup ecosystem building up.
The last weekend ,proved out to be almost ideal,with Ideacamp
coming into picture.

The weekend started off with with a nite out on friday nite so as to catch the first train to Pune-Indrayani express.
Now the venue was one of best of all the barcamps i had been part ,infact it had to be ..was the cooporate office of Persistent Systems.

The intro session was a pretty serious ,coz the older version of people working there had turned up ,or perhaps i was expecting it to be a bit too lighter.
The entire "goal " behind hte iDeaCamp was to look upon for some practical feasible workable ideas that could be shortlisted and worked for the final competition they planned to have later sometime (as far as i can recollect :P)

With two threads and almost just bout 70 people the iDeacamp was The Place to get in.The ideas mainly revolved around Cooporate Social Responsibility and the City of Pune.
The one on " SMS-based micropayment service- Shashikant"
was a good idea that i can recall.

The rest of the sessions were a bit too Pune Centric.
I mean the word pune dominated the entire ideacamp almost for the enitre day.No offences but all they could think was Pune and Pune .
They could never get out of the word pune .
And then the CSR thing came in,and at some point of time the discussions seemed heading nowhere.

the best part of the entire gathering was the fact that people were not speaking in C++ or Ajax ..
For a technically challeneged person like me,i prefer taking a backseat and talking in Layman terms when they start discussing the Technicalities of a product.Something that happened at Ideacamp,so it was kinda easy for me to understand most of the stuff happening around.

On a overall note the entire went off really well. I explored the social part of myself.Met some great people
To see more on the entire event check out this

The ideacamp was followed by a Cadum
Now for those who have never heard of this amazing thing .
It beats Mocha's-Choclate avalanche..its
Cadbury dairymilk melted +icecream+Powdered chocolate serve in a "Coffee glass"
Beats the hell out of u ..highly addictive so please watch out.
This was followed by another HIGHLY ADDICTIVE drink,something that is one of the constitutional elemets of the staple diet of a Pune Student --Durga's Coffee
Now this is something nobody has--a glassful of amazing cold coffee+chocolate powder at a bare minimum price of 8 Rs.-
No one can just have one.

Followed by a niteout at Level 9,a cool hangout spot on the 9 th Floor somewhere down the SB road.
followed by a photo shoot .
Did Seem like the iDeal weekend ...all thanx to my pune gangsters
although i did miss some of them ...but cudnt help it ..

NWays the discussion for the next thing happening at Bombay have started .
Get on the group of BCM3 on google groups and join us there to contribute to the next Adhoc gathering ..:)).


  JAYA d GR8

May 21, 2008 at 8:12 PM

heyyy dude...i can c dat pune surely rox...but c'mon durga's coffee can never beat ILS coffe...try it out ppl...once u've had dat no durga..lolz....n ofcourse any weakend in pune will alwaz b iDeal!!!!