The 20 Something who is "OFF CONSUMPTION"

Inspired by Gauravonomics where the marketer goes off consumption in

"quests of find the formula to turn consumerism-caused ennui into happiness, and my quest as a marketer to learn how to apply that formula to convert our collective ennui from consumption into a yelp of enthusiasm for consuming even more."

However I am writing this post would reflect the genuine 20 year someone ,a person who has to Unwillingly ,unintentionally has accepted to live with the rules that throw him off consumption every second day when he struggles with his canteen bill , Vodafone Easy recharges and what not.

For "the guy next door " life at 20 as u wud think is really not a bed of roses ,its more then going to college ,hanging out in the cafetaria while thinking about gathering resume points and make adjustments/compromises/sacrifices which are referred to as CHOICES .

The "shituation" is the fact that this 20 year old guy who is badly struggling with


is forced to go into a OFF CONSUMTION MODE for reasons better known to u and me .

Denial they say is the most predictable action of human race ,
still against all odds i still believe somewhere deep in your heart you would be able to relate to the list of reasons and mite help in adding too.

  • Girlfriend in the neighboring state,
  • Pending STD bills,
  • A banned canteen account,
  • Loans @ not so rich friends
  • Another bday,nother party...
  • The odd dinner with the old school friend
  • Add to this inflation @ Pchidambaram and :P
  • just about average grades,
  • The Million $ project ..where u end up investing and the college never feels like reimbursing
SO our guy next door at times feels like the perfect loser.
The dilemma comes in when he starts planning for the Call Center in Bandra but then is this the" RIGHT AGE" and with Bill Gates quoting -

"Money is not everything but make sure u have made loads of it before u talk such nonsense"

the dilemma increases exponentially.

So when Mr Avg decided to fight against all odds ,hoping against hope he THROWS HIMSELF OFF CONSUMPTION and Launches a campaign unknown to everybody The rules of this campaign are not only strangely unique but can set example for Indian Economy

  • traveling in buses and not Autos. (Notion given ---Go Green)
  • takes the special WT train(without ticket) (Its do they really care bout one just 1 Ticket!!!)
  • Avoids CCD hangouts (Staff Canteen's Coffee is much better)
  • Development of a strange liking for Mess food (Rice Dal rocks..)
  • Starts enjoying window shopping.(Inspired by girls)
  • Avoids malls just enough to curb that extra desire for that Blazer.(Got loads of things to Project Report,LAB manual etc etc )
The amount and extent of adjustments our friend would be making sets examples for height for Imagination
The point to be noted was the fact that everywhere and everytime he tries to save his cents..thus he is unintentionally thrown out of Consumption.

Somewhere sometime ,all of us have faced such a phase which we would never want to repeat,but again as another firend of mine sees the "brighter part" of the situation..

"We learn living on the EDGE..the entire concept of balancing the equation is funny
and interesting but do we really have options.No we DONOT "

Personally i have been thrown out of the consumers section many a times and that too for long periods but again life @ Room no 368 should never be boring and monotonous..
Wat say u...