21-Preview with a Premirefull evening ..

First things first ..

When I am referring to a Preview I definitely do not mean a premiere.
A preview as Our Social Media Catalyst defined as the show exclusively for the lesser mortals Media or better known as the Blogosphere ...

Coming back to the title of the post
21---the movie
A story based on the how a MIT grad beats the hell out of casinos in Las Vegas ...
The story is about how Ben Campbell ..
a born genius..a guy having a over loaded resume ..gets thru Harvard Med , but then comes the twist comes Professor Philips aks him to share a dazzling experience with him and our dude starts losing the Scholarship race.
Now this MIT graduate who have never dated nybody except maths formulas, is spotted by the "real hero" Prof Rosa who inspires him to join the not so known club of BlackJack hijackers.
The group of 4 people who have been meticulously trained to crack the Las Vegas gets their Leader when Campbell who is badly looking for 300000 USD joins them
This triggers a chain of events where the BlackJack teams gets all they wanted and few extra addons .. check the movie for the rest of it

Laurence Fishburne "THE MORPHEUS" who now looks like a Bouncer fits great in his role of the "LOSS PREVENTION Head" at the Casino. The MIT grad "Jim Sturgess" does good enough as a gambler who always gets lucky and never losses. But the person who beats them all is Kevin Spacey..no body "beats" him. The best part of the movie comes in the end..
The movie has a amazing ending

"Always a count for variable change"
Nways before the review ends a Vote of Thanks to Moksh Juneja,
the Social Media Catalyst
he truly is :P

The movie is definitely worth the money and the time.
It mite not be as good as Ocean's 11 but definitely it deserves a 3.5 on 5
The movie was then followed by a get together and then a dinner at Cafe Mondegar with Tarun,
Ideasmithy, Gaurav, Melody, Sakshi, Kanishka, Avantika.
After this ideal "extended weekend" evening ,i have strongly started to feel for creation of such posts like Catalysts who would help fastening the reaction time..

Now what could have been an ideal weekend evening was followed by a Friday...
Office time for all of these while i continue to submerge in my beanbag and enjoy the rains from Room No 368.