Reality Check --India US Nuclear Deal !!!

These are the best of times.
These are the worst of times.
Today when we have access to a breadth and depth of information, some of us still continue to live in a virtual world. While some of us live in a world away from cause and effect, some of us live a life which is more driven by the things happening around. The latest thing happening around forced me to share some of the facts and figures.

And while I write this post,I continue to wonder over the Intellectual Immaturity the Media has been creating. The image as portrayed by the media of the Indo US nuclear deal is nothing less then " a step towards the Utopian World".

The quick check on what people believe Nuclear Deal is –

* It offers uranium at cheaper cost
* It provides us rocket science technology for Nuclear Energy.
* It offers us Cheap Reactors.

They believe so because they have been told by MEDIA –

· It provides us access to Latest Technology

---strengthening indigenous program.

· Access to Uranium and Reactors

---To help our power generation.
Reality Check –

· Since we use HW reactors, Fast breed reactors that are based on Thorium Utilization (a technology that is much better then Uranium based reactors) and we have 90% components that are indigenous ,why the hell do we need Tech Imports ?

· We have Uranium resources sufficient only for 10000 reactors,in a world where we hardly have 140 reactors operating.

· Quality of ore possessed by us varies from 0.1% to 14 -15% ,where as the Uranium Hubs in the world including Australia-Kazakhstan's exported ore is of < 0.1% quality.

· There is enough Uranium for all the Nuclear Supplier Countries but just not for us the lesser mortals.

· We are signing off with a nation that REFUSED TO ACCEPT US AS A NUCLEAR POWER AFTER POKHRAN.

Reality check for the Media---

Integrated Energy Policy, Volume I ,Xxii

---"Even if a 20 fold increase takes place in India's Nuclear capacity by 2031-2032 ,the contribution of India's nuclear power to energy generation, at best is expected to be 4 -6.4 %

For possibility of such a marginal contribution, our Government and Media are hell bound over mortgaging our strategic interests.

Growth of Nuclear power is indeed a definite solution for Energy Crisis and need of the hour but rather than continuing with the perpetual dependency and import we can explore our options and expand our capabilities.

Last but not the least—

Some more misconceptions—

1. 1.GOVT must see some point in this

* At a point in history our govt went to the extent of buying Cowdung
* We bought pulses,rice,wheat at very high costs while our farmers were waiting for their crops to be sold at nominal prices.
* We want to have One Laptop One Child program ,when we are struggling with figures at Primary level !!!

2. The Media –they cannot be stupid !!

Those who still believe in present media please mail me back, I have better reasons to not to trust them.

Facts and figures --
Collected by Anurag tripathi- Student -Dept of Chemical-IIT Bombay from Talks by Arun Shourie ,P.K.Iyengar,A.N.Prasad