The trip to Jaipur ..# Day 0

The last thing that i would have imagined was this condition after i reached Jaipur.

The first thing that happened to me after i stepped on Platform No 1 --Courtsey--Family No 1.
A husband--struggling to sleep in the train
A tired Wife -- sturggling to make her baby feed
A frustrated Chunnu--Who demands Fruuti/Bourbon/Samosa..n everything his dad says no to..
The HAPPIEST Munnu--Who has no idea ..of what
,why where when whose...?
Life is not usually accepted
in the current form by
infants of his category..
He said "It aint Rocket Science"
All the dude cares about is "NOTHING".
then of course
u have

Daddy Ji ..
and Mummy Ji.
Both of them as expected have developed age old problems in their body parts.
And they express their inability to sleep on the ny birth but the Lowest one.

First things first.
When i had moved out of IIT ,i had a TO-DO-LIST with me, since AC Coaches come now with Unlimited Power Supply,but then the rest in history.
I wanted to the following things..

  • Write atleast 3 posts i was planning to write.
  • Finish of all reading all my feads in FeedReader.
  • Watch Akbar-Remixed Videos i had downloaded (this deserves another post)
  • Finish off Hancock and the remaining part of Coulping.
But the rest is history.
Out of 1040 people travelling i was gifted with THY LORDS "The ideal indian family"

I witnessed the couple busy in their GRAND LUNCHEON ,which remimded off my On consumption days.
My plans of exploring my Canon SD 850 M and finishing off my to do list, already had their first ",". The fullstop was added when i politely expressed my "wish of using my seat".
And this was it.They were waiting for this.I have reasons to believe it was all pre planned.
The Mother ,father.chunnu,Munnu,Paapa ji ,and Mummy ji all started in no sync what so ever and presented me with a Paper on
"Human Ethics and Adjustment,Comprosmises and Sacrifices"

The window seat for which i was waiting ,was it was donated by YOURS TRULY to a FAMILY WHO REALLY NEEDED IT!!!!!!! $%^#$#@##@

After consoling my heart ,i was given "the option" of one of the two Upper birth.

X----- Chunnu munnu..please "uncle" ko pareshaan mat karo.unhe apna kaam karne do..

Of all things in this world i was called Uncle
i deserved a explanation.

Please tell me if i do look like a uncle ..the lady just turned me conscious.

Phew...i choose the left one ,because chunnu was on the right one.
Just when i was about to start off with Hancock ,it was time for another wannabe ,to start with App ka Surroorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr --the Movie.

That was it.
I had enough and decided to join Naveen in Chair Car.

And then i met Gunnu.Green Greyins ..bluish eyes...
Center of attraction in J 3 Coach.
he was having his minutes to fame ....
Untill he had specs of some poor fellow flying.

Finally i decided to get back to G 1--on my upper birth.
N then i discovered the AC fan right over my head.
That was it.
Wrapped in 4 bedsheets ,and with the Dell Inspiron as the pillow i decided to sleep.
N then i was show time for Munnu to show his talent.
Live Reality show--

A-- how bout u keeping on with munuu for 15 minutes
B-- i did that 20 minutes back but i will do it for u .
A-- Thanx sweet heart..please do it again.
A-- gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr gurrrrr khurr khurrr....(pretends to be sleepy)

A--the usual wife
B-- the usual wife's husband

the Game continues for a lifetime.By 2 am i was addicted it to such a extent that the silence started pinching me.

Finally i slept after Munnu and Chunnu.

Time for action--
5 :30 Am---Train has been stopped for sunrise.Wow...Indian Railways rock.

"The train was stopped because it was running 15 minutes ahead of the expected time ."
Can u beleive it ..???W#$@@%@@!~~~!%*())_+{}"

Finally im back at the gate ..shooting sun and birds.
N with the photo shoot of chunnu ,munnu,
Uncle on the gate..
The lover boy on the phone ..

the not so excited journey came to a boring end.
N then it happened..Finally ..
Wait for more on Day 1 ..
I got some bigtime plans ...
Room No 368..