My Affair with Salmonella

"It took me over 3 days to realize that something was going on between me and salmonella.
And another one day that things just might get out of control.

Salmonella was someone i had never heard about.
And falling for her was totally justified since I had no clue what so ever about it.
Add to that the "first time thing"- it was for the first i had fallen for somebody,so it was kinda weird ,but then the point to focus on is that "IT HAPPENED".

Hmmmm .....

Hmmmm is something many of us relate to.
When i asked my friends what comes to their mind when they see/hear/type/speak Hmmmm
Tried to aggregate some of the weird thoughts ..

Disclaimer---Some ,if not all the thoughts are definitely mine .lol

  • How Milan/Mudra Met Mudra/Milan's Mother/Maid/Maa'm/Madame Master.......
  • you are busy or pretending to be busy
  • Ignoring somebody or manybody's
  • Thinking !!! pretending to be thinking
  • on Thought provoking questions ..just before before the answers..
  • when your conversation reaches the "What's Up" syndrome.
  • when do u dont have a answer like Joey
  • when you answer diplomatically
  • When u agree to somebody
  • Even when u disagree but still to agree..
  • While u try to show that u really have grey matter
  • When u r really serious.
  • agreeing Unanimously
  • last but not the least--If u r into Marketing :D

Looking forward to update the list..
keep waiting :P