The Tragedy that never happened.

This one comes straight from my heart.
I have been thinking to right this from past one month but then, realised a brand name(Room No 368) was at stake.But then decided to against it.
For a change u shall read something really serious

When the Pathology Lab in IIT Hospital, claimed to be a nothing but just a bacterial infection,i like any other student would have.
By Wednesday they decided that it was Salmonella and not just another bacteria, so under the rules they had to name it TYPHOID.
First thing that came to my mind after that was the concept of REMIDSEM ,because it was already 28th, and the doctors had declared strict bed rest for 2 weeks after one week .

But then my WHITE BLOOD CELLS started disappearing , and then the entire Typhoid treatment was postponed for 5 days.
And it was on the 4th day , when the IIT Pathology Lab was closed (thanks god!!) another blood sample which was sent to Hiranandani Hospital came out clean.
The worst part was the fact that another second year student had made plans to skip midsems simply because he was told that he too had TYPHOID.
And then on the fifth day just before getting admitted in ICU ,one of the doctors confessed that the PATHOLOGY DEPT is too primitive to not to detect typhoid.

Take home message--Being part of a institute that

  • has funds well over 100 Crores
  • hosts festivals with budget exceeding a crore (not to mention the ECell has few lakhs to spare)
  • gets funded every second year from its Alumni
  • also has students who opt to fall sick to justify their casual leaves.
But then blood test is something that is recommended to most of the people and that too quite frequently.
N to get it wrong ,with such a huge margin of error sends the wrong signal.
We can practically get screwed up.
We need to realize that there is something that is between Gulmohar and Convocation Hall, and if not all, some people do have Medical problems and this continues ,all we would be doing is wasting the doctors out there.

Throughout my experience at IIT hospital, the entire staff was amazingly cooperative and sweet and caring, something that was missing in Hiranandani and Riddhi Vinayak Hospitals.
But then it really wont make sense if they don't get the blood reports right.

I dont need to write what all can a false report lead to .
We all can well imagine the consequences.


Day# 3 Who's the patient.

Day-#3 who’s the patient.

The internet says, that a normal human does not require nything less than 2 days to recover from Urniary Traction Infection which the doctors claimed I had.

Another factual update-There are over 100+ types of fevers available out there and out of those 100 ,90+ come/or can become weird/really weird. I had dismissed the probability of my body getting nything but one of those 90 Elite fever Forms.

But then yes, I had my share of Highs n Lows. With a high of 103 , I had people coming in to meet me and all my whims and fancies taken care of. It was this day when the billion $ question was popped “Who’s the Patient”

It was almost post lunch, when the the Gang of three (Nick/PP/Goyal) invaded my bed in ward. The last thing you would expect is people visiting you to eat your share of hospital lunch .but then it happens. Every god damn thing is bound to happen when the TRIO gets into act. My lunch boxes,Biscuits,Namkeen,Mathri ,everything was raided .While I was made to sit on the stool,and Nikhil(Goyal) was playing Solitire and PP and Aniket were confused over what to eat Mathri or Namkeen, the SMO entered the ward. Also in the past three days,the last thing that would have changed was Appearance. With the trio on the bed and under utter confusion and frustration the SMO fired the question –Who’s the patient.

It took us while to recognize and declare that I was THE ONE. And thus the SMO rescued me from the attack of the TRIO.

But then, the hospital lab which was updated with my blood samples early morning ,came up.My affair with Salmonella was discovered and disclosed.

IT was declared officially,that i had TYPHOID.

Day# 2-- Who's the patient

Now then ...
The second day of the unplanned hospital trip was unexpected,for i had a discovered that what seemed like just nother tiring day had actually turned into a infection.

Now this is one thing somebody would not really appreciate about a Govt Hospital.
"Its like underworld ,u get in at ur will,n u get out at their will"
The last time somebody walked till lakeside , a security alarm was raised and we had jeeps and ambulance running in the campus.THIS WAS COVERED IN BUT OF COURSE AAJTAK.

Being media shy i really didnt want this to happen , so i decided to stay back n have a shot at the food out there.
But then since most experiments are bound to fail,this one did fail..n it failed bigtime.
Their so called" ultra nutritious food was definitely not meant for me.
Lets not talk about food here.
Back in ward, i had company of a Hepatitis A bearer.The third guy had practically patented malaria.
But then amidst this atmosphere, i realised something that people realise after they reach himalyas after reading "The Monk Who Sold His ferrari"
I was enlightened when i discovered the Punch line of my life
"Never take people/objects for granted"
It was then i realised that i was missing something more then nything else.

Now here comes the differentiator-
A common patient, in such conditions looks forward to company,sympathy,care,......
the first thing that an IITian would ask for would be his LAPTOP.and if possible with High Speed Internet connection as the Hospital Walls let everything but the WiFi network.

I missed u lan:(

But then ,i finally i got my laptop n then rest of day was religously devoted to "Jason Bourne".

Day# 1--Who's the patient?

Its been nother long break .. but then this was well deserved.
+ this time i got a story.
The famous question--"who's the patient.?"

What seemed like a prank to skip the "biotech quiz" on tuesday turned into a wild chase.
As i had mentioned earlies regarding my fling with salmonella.
The exact series of events might not seem to be really exciting but then yes, there were moments which certainly deserve to be on the blog.
So it all started out on monday when right in the middle of the night , i decided that i cannot sleep without a Air Conditioner, whose presence in RoomNo368 was by no means possible.
Since the dept labs stink, and the sofa in the office was locked, after waiting for over an hour i decided hospital would be the best place to sleep in.
I choose the emergency room to sleep in, after faking a 101 fever, but then there are times when u need to make compromises, which in this type of situation turned out to be a Syringe (rite in the middle of the ***)

But then yes, thanx to all the amazingly cute nurses out here, it went in peacefully.