Day# 2-- Who's the patient

Now then ...
The second day of the unplanned hospital trip was unexpected,for i had a discovered that what seemed like just nother tiring day had actually turned into a infection.

Now this is one thing somebody would not really appreciate about a Govt Hospital.
"Its like underworld ,u get in at ur will,n u get out at their will"
The last time somebody walked till lakeside , a security alarm was raised and we had jeeps and ambulance running in the campus.THIS WAS COVERED IN BUT OF COURSE AAJTAK.

Being media shy i really didnt want this to happen , so i decided to stay back n have a shot at the food out there.
But then since most experiments are bound to fail,this one did fail..n it failed bigtime.
Their so called" ultra nutritious food was definitely not meant for me.
Lets not talk about food here.
Back in ward, i had company of a Hepatitis A bearer.The third guy had practically patented malaria.
But then amidst this atmosphere, i realised something that people realise after they reach himalyas after reading "The Monk Who Sold His ferrari"
I was enlightened when i discovered the Punch line of my life
"Never take people/objects for granted"
It was then i realised that i was missing something more then nything else.

Now here comes the differentiator-
A common patient, in such conditions looks forward to company,sympathy,care,......
the first thing that an IITian would ask for would be his LAPTOP.and if possible with High Speed Internet connection as the Hospital Walls let everything but the WiFi network.

I missed u lan:(

But then ,i finally i got my laptop n then rest of day was religously devoted to "Jason Bourne".