Day# 3 Who's the patient.

Day-#3 who’s the patient.

The internet says, that a normal human does not require nything less than 2 days to recover from Urniary Traction Infection which the doctors claimed I had.

Another factual update-There are over 100+ types of fevers available out there and out of those 100 ,90+ come/or can become weird/really weird. I had dismissed the probability of my body getting nything but one of those 90 Elite fever Forms.

But then yes, I had my share of Highs n Lows. With a high of 103 , I had people coming in to meet me and all my whims and fancies taken care of. It was this day when the billion $ question was popped “Who’s the Patient”

It was almost post lunch, when the the Gang of three (Nick/PP/Goyal) invaded my bed in ward. The last thing you would expect is people visiting you to eat your share of hospital lunch .but then it happens. Every god damn thing is bound to happen when the TRIO gets into act. My lunch boxes,Biscuits,Namkeen,Mathri ,everything was raided .While I was made to sit on the stool,and Nikhil(Goyal) was playing Solitire and PP and Aniket were confused over what to eat Mathri or Namkeen, the SMO entered the ward. Also in the past three days,the last thing that would have changed was Appearance. With the trio on the bed and under utter confusion and frustration the SMO fired the question –Who’s the patient.

It took us while to recognize and declare that I was THE ONE. And thus the SMO rescued me from the attack of the TRIO.

But then, the hospital lab which was updated with my blood samples early morning ,came up.My affair with Salmonella was discovered and disclosed.

IT was declared officially,that i had TYPHOID.