Spam beyond inbox!!

Although I have joined the facebook group- “I don’t read newspapers anymore” my MINT subscription still continues. The Wall Street Journal articles are my favorites.
The first tab that I open after checking my mail , is my feed reader followed by twitter and facebook.
When it comes to TV, which is a rare phenomenon, I prefer sticking to Discovery and TimesNow.

Whatever medium I may choose to update myself and the world, my immunity towards the Ads is one thing that has increased exponentially.
Not that I don’t see ads or I use Flash Ad Block, but the fact that the Purple Cow is nowhere to be seen. The last time when I actually clicked on an ad it was a friend’s birthday who still believes that Google Ads on his blog would fetch him dollars.

But then a couple of days back I decided to contribute to google’s earnings. I actually clicked on a couple of ads, noticed the ads on Mint, actually watched a movie on TV wtih a gazillion of breaks (this one was the worst of all). And then I concluded that
  • I wish the TV had google ads, they can be actually more effective.
  • The ad placement and targeting in the print media is nothing but pathetic.The internet still did fairly better since google new my search patterns so I was given highly targeted ads.
  • Customizing ads on newspaper according to reader’s interest might actually result in a better ROI for the Adverstisers, which although is immeasurable for the moment.
  • Last but not the least, if you compare the amount of spam we are literally exposed to, courtesy the offline print media, the gmail spam folder would take ages to catch up

The fact that while a advertiser
would invest in getting the prime spot hoarding, airtime during the matinee hours , grab the front page for advertising , I or for that matter intellectually mature people would simply ignore it very genuinely. I guess it’s time for CMO’s to read Purple Cow.



December 14, 2008 at 10:47 AM

Don't know why you say that Ad placement in print Media is pathetic.
Ever read Cosmopolitan, more importantly looked at the ads in them?:P
preeti shenoy