TIloniya it is !!

Traveling across the length and breadth of the country has to be a experience,but then doing the same thing with 400 odd people who are absolute strangers is more then fun.
Getting back to the motive of the post, the entire traveling things becomes more exciting when you stop near your home town which in this case was Jaipur.
Now north india is something that you dont really want to visit during winters but then since the Yatra was planned , so our opinions were as usual a waste.
But then winters have their own charm and personally i love that season.
Coming down to Tiloniya, this was one place almost everybody on the train was looking forward to. Infact i had my own reasons. Being a rajasthani, yes Tiloniya was one place , where i could speak in marwadi !! Yes I can speak in 3 languages. Hindi , English and Marwadi !!

The last time i was at tiloniya i guess I was in 5th standard so to be honest i really couldnt recall anything. Infact when the train came to a abrubt halt, right in the middle of nowhere and when it was announced on the PA that we had arrived at Tiloniya , even i was surprised.
But the moment i heard dhol and ladies singing and dancing, i knew this was the place.
With hands shivering and legs shaking, by the time i reached the platfrom the ladies had company. Infact the dhol wala bhaiya was not relly prepared for such a resposne.

For those on the yatra who had no clue about the typical Barat tradition , the welcome at tiloniya
was more then enough.The dance show went on for almost close to an hour and a km.
But then the best part was yet to come.



January 17, 2009 at 8:03 PM

yes..this is one of the best places of our journey.. and the welcome was awesome as it should be ..kyun ki we marwaris are famous for this as well..:)