For Manybodies close to my heart...

this one is in continuation with the post tht is yet to be posted ..

One of the passions that i have developed since falling into many of those

But this one at this point of time ..comes straight from the bottom of my heart...
i don't intend to neglect nybody ...n please dont feel ignored if u cant relate to the next few lines..
perhaps i can relate u ..u r just unable to recall it ..BAD MEMORY..:))

To all those who have had a share in my life and to all those who have disected it into n no of pieces and taken away their share..
and to all those to whom i owe my existence...
not to mention they are not established within a radius of 190 kms ..
they live far away..but courtssey..Hutch is Now Vodafone..i continue to survive ....

Its for u my Sweethearts ..

the poet part of me ,would never get famous..
in fact, the poet part of me ,never wants to be famous..
its just for u i pen down these lines..
its just for u ..i live this life..
its just for u ,i have come so far ...
its just for u ,i still have go farer...

for all those long talks that kept bringing me back ,
for all those long call that kept asking me for more
for all those words that still drive me crazy..
i owe u my life ..

Thanks for being the listener i always wanted ,
thanks for being the friend i always craved
thanks for being the perfect one ..
thanks for making me the perfext one ..
thanks for telling me what i always wanted..
Thanx for being there for the not so demanded...

Words are falling short for u
or lets be honest i cant think of few more new..
but don't u think i dont need u ..
dont u think i dont love u ..

i m there for u ..
always remember i will be always there for u.
come wat may..
we shall stand together..

Forever ..u and me ..
together ..just u and me ..
nothing else i shall ask for..
just u and me..

i love u ..
simply urs ..




April 5, 2008 at 10:09 AM

prety romntic ha... i like ur writing skills... !!!!!!!

  Mohit Sureka

January 13, 2009 at 6:58 PM

hehe i lykd it i lykd it...

but u r not supposed to write poetry !! u hate them, remember ??????