Day# 1--Who's the patient?

Its been nother long break .. but then this was well deserved.
+ this time i got a story.
The famous question--"who's the patient.?"

What seemed like a prank to skip the "biotech quiz" on tuesday turned into a wild chase.
As i had mentioned earlies regarding my fling with salmonella.
The exact series of events might not seem to be really exciting but then yes, there were moments which certainly deserve to be on the blog.
So it all started out on monday when right in the middle of the night , i decided that i cannot sleep without a Air Conditioner, whose presence in RoomNo368 was by no means possible.
Since the dept labs stink, and the sofa in the office was locked, after waiting for over an hour i decided hospital would be the best place to sleep in.
I choose the emergency room to sleep in, after faking a 101 fever, but then there are times when u need to make compromises, which in this type of situation turned out to be a Syringe (rite in the middle of the ***)

But then yes, thanx to all the amazingly cute nurses out here, it went in peacefully.