Welcome to Voicetap

I would like to share the launch of Voicetap with you .Voicetap – a service which allows users to ‘tap’ into the intangible knowledge of experts using the medium of ‘Voice’.

Check out this presentation that we made at Startup Saturday to understand the nitty gritties of how it works.

Voicetap uses the same back end technology as used for earnings calls, to provide access to knowledge related to three evergreen areas for today’s youth: Career, Education and Entrepreneurship. We had our first call on the 5th of April where last years IITJEE rank number 3, 4 were the experts who gave last minute practical tips and tricks to this years IITJEE aspirants. The call was a huge success and very well received. As part of the knowledge series, we have already scheduled some other calls:

  • Idea Validation for Entrepreneurs – 2nd May.
  • BITSAT - 3rd May
And many more…

Will keep you updated on the latest happenings at Voicetap